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Our History

Rooted in theatrical design, Apropos has spent the last twenty years perfecting their craft in decorative plaster, paint and print.

Apropos currently employs a staff of fifteen together with a roster of specialized freelance artists and operates out of a 17,000 sq ft studio in Minneapolis. Additionally, travel teams are organized for on-site installations anywhere around the globe. Our client list includes Victoria’s Secret, PINK, GUESS, Inc., Bath and Bodyworks, Limited, Structure, Limited Too, Express, BCBG, St Johns, Forever 21, and many other satisfied customers.

Observing through a lens of fine artistry, special attention is paid to the smallest details. Apropos prides itself on artistic focus and maintaining deadlines. We build strong relationships with our clients and work hard to create and fully realize every vision.

Apropos will bring the same careful attention to big jobs or small ones. And what is done with care is meaningful.

Our People

  • webjamie

    Jamie Reich

    Owner, Creative Director: 30 years

    Jamie spent a lot of time in high school theater, building and painting sets. When he graduated he felt directionless yet drawn intensely to the arts. After drifting to the Catskills and earning a degree in commercial art, he furthered a split major in art/theater at the University of Buffalo, working summer stock in Chautaqua NY. He was offered a prop assistant position at the Cleveland Playhouse and entered professional theater.

    In 1983 Jamie and his wife Lois Rhomberg were offered positions at the prestigious Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, MN as Prop Master and Lead Scenic Artist, respectively. They spent ten years deepening artisan trades, after which Jamie was offered a position as Technical Director with the Dayton’s photo studio. When moonlighting gradually overtook the Dayton’s position, he and a co-worker launched a business named Apropos.

    During those years they expanded their business, painting backdrops for advertising and faux finishes with high-end residential clients, earning a reputation in those circles. Jamie’s partner left the business and moved to LA to focus his interests in residential design while Jamie continued landing scenic jobs: painting sets for Prince videos, a few TV movies and a number of films including Grumpy Old Men. A landmark job arrived from The Limited to paint decorative wall coverings for their chain store, Express. Soon, Jamie and his crew were painting seventy-five stores a year, which quickly grew to three hundred stores in The Limited brand; Victoria’s Secret, Structure, Limited Too and Bath Body Works.

    Jamie has become the unintended yet enigmatic leader of Apropos. His employees are devoted to him and to his vision: creating high art for commercial purposes.

  • WF3H1831

    Evan Alastair Morris

    Studio Manager: 13 years

    When Evan’s not running operations with the gentle persuasion of Genghis Khan, he’s out practicing horseback archery like Genghis did.

    Apropos feels like a second family to him, and he cares about everyone. Evan says, “We have the best work environment there is. Plus, we get to crank the tunes!”

  • websam

    Samantha Guido

    Account Manager/”Dot Specialist”: 9 years

    Samantha is a Gemini vegetarian who enjoys fireworks and polka dots. She earned a BS in business with an emphasis in marketing and a minor in Economics from Southern Oregon University. A few years later she went back to school for another degree in fashion design. She joins us from LA, where she worked in management, sales, fashion, and cupcake baking.

    After living the “glamorous life” in LA, she decided it was time for a change of pace. Sam packed up her little car and headed to Minneapolis to join the crew at Apropos. Sam brings her creativity, organizational skills, and an all-around optimistic attitude to the Apropos family.

  • derik

    Derek Pasley

    Production artist: 12 years

    In elementary school, Derek drew a picture on the back of a test he was supposed to be taking. The teacher was impressed—and concerned. He graduated with a degree in fine art, much to his parent’s dismay, and moved away from the great state of Wyoming.

    Now he’s a connoisseur of fine wallpaper, handling quality control for Apropos. He appreciates being part of a creative team focused on the improvement of process and products. Both the atmosphere and people at Apropos makes coming to work a daily adventure for him. “It feels more like a family than a workplace,” he says.

    He continues creating theater props and his own fine art. He loves Expressionism, Impressionism, Memphis and Functional art.

  • loren

    Loren Chantland

    Studio Artist: 22 years

    “I’ve always enjoyed fixing things and learning new skills,” says Loren. He has a degree in advertising art and design, and worked in that industry for ten years as an illustrator and designer. But as it turns out, he’s a fine artist, preferring to work in oil.

    As an award winning aviation artist Loren is drawn to images of WWII aviation and has been successful at portraying accurate historical aviation images. Now his subject matter is either clouds or landscapes.

    His life is busy and flush with a great family: his wife, two daughters and two crazy dogs. He loves movies. He’s attracted to the obscure and things that make you think in a different way. He’s not a fan of hypocrisy and loves people who have the courage to be honest.

  • webkathy

    Kathy Raymond

    Studio Artist: 22 years

    Kathy has done many things to earn a living over the years but began sign painting/hand lettering as a fourth career in her late 30’s. 95% of the work she does currently consists of design and application of vinyl graphics. Swinging a brush has always been her first love and she’s grateful that Jamie has given her that opportunity at Apropos.

    She’s been devoted to Darrell, the love of her life and “spousal alternative”, for 21 years, sharing four children between them, and is blessed with six grandchildren. She enjoys volunteering, owns a travel trailer, a vintage convertible and a horse – her favorite therapy next to her iPad.

  • david

    David Lewis

    Plaster Guru: 17 years

    David hails from Dallas TX, he touts an English Lit/Finance degree from Southern Methodist University—“not that I’ve ever put those degrees to any sort of use, he says. “It’s just fun to say that I have them.”

    He visited the Great White North in 1996 and loved it enough to make it his new home. He married a pretty girl named Diane from Minnesota and they live in the burbs with their two little boys, Dexter and Dashiell. He says, “I enjoy anything with wheels and/or an engine. I’ve been creating decorative plaster pieces for fifteen years and really enjoy my work with Apropos and the places it takes me.”

  • webShannyn

    Shannyn Joy Potter

    Studio Artist: 17 years

    Shannyn received a BFA from the College of Visual Arts in St Paul, MN with an emphasis in drawing, which slowly evolved into sculpture. In the mid 90’s she began working at Apropos, which employed many artists and friends. She has lived in Santa Fe and Kansas City, but returned to her Minneapolis community and eagerly rejoined loyal friends at Apropos.

    She continues to be a part of Jamie’s road team, traveling the country, “painting bows, lines and all things pink for Victoria’s Secret”. When not traveling, she’s busy teaching, practicing yoga and creating sculpture in her own NE Minneapolis studio.

  • lois

    Lois Rhomberg

    Artist and Designer: 27 years

    Lois is an artist and designer, specializing in paintings and illustrations in a style grounded in realism—with heart. Her favorite subjects are people, followed closely by anything visually fascinating which speaks to the viewer. Whatever the subject, she appreciates the art and craft of good design, and enjoys collaborating on complex projects. She always welcomes a new challenge.

    In addition to working with Apropos, she has worked as a set designer in regional opera, created paintings and murals for a variety of businesses, churches and hotels, and has been a featured artist in a number of galleries. Her illustrations can be seen soon in “Unconditional Forgiveness” by Mary Hayes-Grieco (Simon & Schuster imprint) publishing January 2012.

    In addition to many years of independent artistry, she’s been married to Jamie Reich for more than twenty years.

  • IMG_5458

    Greg Viking Lover Wallace

    Accountant / ”Chief Nit Picker”: 17 years

    Greg is an atypical accountant, a numbers cruncher and coach who has fun chasing down receipts, billings and timecards. With his photo/prop making background he is often stirring his perspective into a projects procedure.

    He thoroughly enjoys being a part of the creative Apropos family.

    When he leaves the office Greg can be found on field and court coaching youth baseball, football and basketball teams to his son’s pleasure or dismay. He also has fun in the woods hunting orcs and trolls with his faithful black lab “Ruckus”.

  • anne

    Anne Hyvarinen

    On-site PINK crew: 6 years

    Anne’s background encompasses theatre, film and television as a set designer and lead scenic artist. She has won two Art Director’s Guild awards over the course of her career. Credits include Sideways, Lawless, A Serious Man, Ruby Sparks and Hitchcock.

    She worked with Jamie on Minnesota commercials in the pre-Apropos days and has been very happy being on his team once again.

    Anne can be found designing sets for small theatrical productions and taking writing workshops whenever there is a spare moment.


  • Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 2.48.05 PM

    Paddy Demsey

    On-site PINK crew: 5 years

    After earning a degree in Graphic Design, Paddy was willing to do anything to get out of Massachusetts, find some adventure and create some great stories.  He had plans to board a yacht as a deckhand and expected to be scrubbing decks and cleaning heads. Instead, he ended up in Hollywood.  There, he began doing residential construction which lead to him assisting a prop stylist and an artist in her studio..  He now splits his time happily between jobs for Apropos and freelancing as a Prop Stylist on photo shoots and commercials in Los Angeles.

    When Paddy isn’t knee deep in a creative endeavor, he can be found playing hockey, working on his golf game or hiking and looking for adventure in and around Southern California with his wife, Kristen.


  • webshona

    Shona Dockter

    on-site PINK crew: 5 years

    A chance encounter that involved creatively wrapping an impromptu gift, lead Shona from the world of corporate training back to her artistic roots.  Since 1996, Shona has been immersed in decorative arts, and has expanded her work to include hitching her star to the Apropos road crew.

    Playing a close second to the pride she takes in her creativity and integrity, Shona enjoys bragging about her small town, North Dakota prairie roots. Yes, she brags about it, and no, it’s not South Dakota, it’s NORTH Dakota.

  • webkory

    Kory Alyn

    Print Technician: 6 years

    Kory has been in the printing industry for 15+ years, 3 of which have been for Apropos.

    He enjoys the unique and unconventional challenges presented with custom print and design. Tight deadlines and unusual projects keeps him coming back for more.

    Along with being surrounded by highly creative, intelligent people and enjoying a relaxed workplace environment is what makes Apropos such a special place to work.

    In his free time, Kory enjoys passions such as Motorcycles, Technology, Reading, Movies, Live Music, Backpacking, Fishing and Kayaking.



  • DSC_0026

    Julie Worthy

    on-site PINK crew: 5 years


    Decorative Finisher: 15 years

    Julie has spent the past 15 years working as a Decorative Finisher.  She never took any art classes in college and didn’t know she had such a creative side to her until she worked on her own home and helped friends with their homes. At that point she took classes all over the country and started her own business in 1999.

    “I love what I do and enjoy going to work every day. I love being part of the Apropos team!”

    Julie is married with three children (all in college) and lives in Edina.


  • weborion

    Orion Frey

    Logistics Manager: 5 years

    Hailing from Alaska, Orion is the resident lyricist and perpetual learner. Bringing over 15 year of painting and carpentry experience, he prides himself on efficiency and versatility. Orion enjoys the day to day challenge that Apropos presents and is always looking to the horizon. In his off time, Orion works on his music and spends time with his daughter.

    “A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of the others.” -Norman Shidle


  • Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 11.19.25 AM

    Savannah Reich

    on-site PINK crew: 9 years

    Savannah learned to paint from the best, she is the daughter of Apropos founder Jamie Reich and fine artist/theater designer Lois Rhomberg. After interning at Apropos as a teenager, Savannah went on to get her degree in scenic painting for the theater at the University of Minnesota. She has worked as a painter in many professional theaters around Minneapolis, and is delighted to be a part of the Apropos road crew.

    When not painting, Savannah can usually be found in rehearsal for a new show, whether as a playwright, director or performer. She is currently living in Pittsburgh, PA and working toward an MFA in Dramatic Writing at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.

  • webTrint

    Trinity Thioulon

    Pre-Press Operator / Designer: 5 years

    Trinity graduated in 2001 from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a degree in Fine Art and took his sweet time doing it.  Since then, he has been working in the field of graphic design and prepress printing but this has been the coolest job yet. Trinity likes how versatile this company is and enjoys working with so many skilled and talented people.  This has been a whole new and challenging experience for him working with Apropos and developing wallpaper for Area. Trinity is looking forward to seeing what the future will bring for both companies.

    “The further I have gone down the wallpaper rabbit hole, the more fascinating it becomes.”

    Some of Trinity’s interests include spending time with his family, playing the geetar, and like David Bowie, long moonlit walks…on the moon.

  • webAmy

    Amy Ouradnik

    On-site PINK crew: 8 years

    After receiving her BFA at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Amy set off to see The World.  She traveled for a year in Europe then to India/Nepal -honeymooning for another year with her man.

    They settled their roots back in Minneapolis and Amy worked as an art museum technician, while raising two brainy-artsy kids.  The eldest, Madeline Burton, is a featured artist in Area Environments!  Amy has 15 years as a painter/plasterer under her belt with a passion for gilding and painting on glass.  She loves the diversity of projects that Apropos offers and has found her niche.  When not working at a maniacal rate, she is multi tasking at cooking, gardening and finishing her AAS in Interior Design.

    One of the roadies for PINK and VS, she’s our self-appointed scout for awesome foodie restaurants, historical sites and unique local venues.

  • webChuck

    Chuck Honer

    Print Technician: 6 years


    Chuck spent the majority of his twenties attending the Art Institutes International where he majored in Advertising and Industrial design. He was however, turned on by photography. He has this natural ability to capture amazing and stunning pictures. “I will shoot anything that catches my eye” says Chuck. Boasting so much creative talent and being so well rounded in a diverse amount of art backgrounds gave Chuck the ability and skills to mesh well with the team at Apropos. His role here is more than his title and he tends to be able to do everything with a positive attitude. His hard work and dedication has provided him new insights and techniques to get complex projects completed in tune, and on time.


  • webSkip

    Skip Wilson

    Vinyl Technician: 5 years

    Skip received a BFA from the College of Visual Arts, studying for six years in fine art and design. Skip could finally utilize these skills at Apropos in 2013, where X-acto knives could be wielded and adhesives could be a part of daily life again.  When Skip isn’t at work, crafts are crafted (just look at it!), cats are pet, and pizza is eaten.  Skip strongly believes in karma, the power of being an Aries, that ornate design will always win, and every-day-productivity is a must.



  • webEric

    Eric Bryson

    Quality Control Expert: 5 years

    Nothing escapes the all-seeing eye! Eric is a production artist and the quality control expert for Apropos Studio. Eric originally hails from Stillwater, Oklahoma but his creative quests have taken him many places where he has gathered a variety of skills along with a keen eye for color. Eric worked in Montreal as an effects technician for film and television for five years and then spent time in New Orleans fabricating Mardi Gras floats and silk screening wallpaper. He has a BFA in graphic design from Oklahoma State University and Associates in Industrial Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Having found a haven of artistic endeavor in his workplace, he is the ever-vigilant eye of Apropos quality standards.

    “We have art in order not to die of the truth.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche~

  • webEmily

    Emily Bulen

    Head of Vinyl Dept. : 7 years

    Emily always has fanciful hair colors that vary with her mood. She is a unique individual!

    Pottery and art classes at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts lead to Perpich Arts High School. That set path to the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, where she studied photography and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2011. Her work in the color dark room has given Emily a trained eye for color. Having spent six years in art school, she is right brained all the way!

    In July of 2011, she became involved with Apropos Studio, where she found a family. Emily loves her job in the studio; she respects everyone around her, she works hard, is a self-starter, she has fun, and always has a story to talk about. Her job brings her joy and great sense of accomplishment. Emily takes pleasure in creative problem solving and working with her hands. She’s comfortable in any department, but she found her niche as the head of the vinyl department. Emily is a perfectionist with a strong sense of design, which makes her position and prospective at Apropos a perfect fit for her.


  • webmaxine


    Shop Dog: 11 years

    Maxine joins the Apropos family from the deep south. After hitching a ride with a friend she made the trek to Minnesota and never  looked back. Her need for affection and constant companionship fills the emotional voids in most employees. She enjoys mangling toys and the occasional rummage of an office trash can.

What our clients say about us

  • “Jamie is a effective performer and partner. He has a high energy level and the endurance to handle workloads or environment change. Jamie maintains positive composure and confidence in crisis and adverse situations. He takes responsibility to ensure accurate information and communication to my team and field contractors. He demonstrates passion and a positive work environment with my team through teamwork, innovation, and ideas. Jamie and his team understands the needs of the brand design concepts and participates willingly to accomplish team goals.”

    Ken Christopher
    Project Manager, Limited Brands
    October 2010

  • “Jamie’s ability to balance creativity, artistic integrity, and project deadlines is fantastic! His work is of the highest quality and he is an absolute pleasure to work with! I recommend Jamie without any reservation.”

    John Sheehan
    Restaurant Owner
    October 2010

  • “Apropos skills are outstanding. They always do the work with timely matter and delivers great results, usually better than what I ask for. They are very fun to work with, and I would recommend anyone to work with them in creative projects.”

    Ayako Otoshi
    Designer, Limited Brands

    November 2010

  • “Jamie and his team at Apropos were a pleasure to work with. They were extremely detailed and professional in their communication, and always on time with deliveries. Jamie was great at reacting to change and adjusting his production and shipping methods to meet and exceed our expectations both visually and fiscally. With a multitude of delivery variables and challenges, Jamie was always personally involved in solving unexpected problems. He really loves what he does and so does his team. I highly suggest trying them out for your next roll out. Please feel free to contact me directly via email if you need any further information on the team at Apropos and their amazing talents.”

    John Omlor
    Creative Director, St. John
    October 2010

  • “I have worked with Apropos on Victoria’s Secret, PINK and LaSenza brands since 2001. The Apropos team of artists are a pleasure to work with, are always up for a challenge and consistently implement superlative results. I always look forward to working with the Apropos team.”

    Bonnie Bishop
    Project Manager, Limited Brands
    October 2010