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  • Introducing AREA : Designed Environments

    The time has come to introduce Apropos Studios sister company. -Area: Designed Environments- will be making its official debut very soon! This company will specialize in fine art and custom designed wallpapers. We will be printing a variety of images used from a select group of international artists that we are honored to have on board for this project. Area was created out of a love for pattern, design and fine art. We are coupling this love with a desire to bring these images to your door in a way that is accessible for not only for retailers and hospitality but for your home as well. One of the most exciting aspects to the emerging company is the repositionable wallpaper we will be offering. This paper will give you the option of taking the wallpaper off the wall at any time without scraping or damaging the walls. This product combined with amazing images from talented artists gives you the option to create an environment that is inspirational. Here are the 5 artists that we will be representing and proudly promoting for the initial launch of Area.
    *Sandra Suy – -Barcelona, Spain

    *Claire Leina-– Paris, France

    *Michael Cina- -Minneapolis, MN

    *Sandra Dieckmann- –
    London, England

    *Madeline Burton- – Ithaca, NY

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Apropos is comprised of many talented people. There is a unique blend of artistic minds and business sense that is hard to come by in many creative fields. A perfect blend of craftsmanship and commerce gives Apropos a strong advantage over our competition. We look forward to becoming part of your team and building on the creative collaborations that will follow.

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