Past Projects

 Work that demonstrates our capabilities as a company.

Field Day by Good Earth

Field Day first came to us with nothing but a reference photo of abstract art and an idea.  Working with our team of graphic designers, we actualized their vision: a wallcovering which told the story of the sun rising and setting.

Additionally, Apropos provided vinyl graphics throughout the restaurant.

This restaurant can be found in Minnetonka, MN.

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La Senza

Knowing Apropos’ capabilities, Limited Brands’ international lingerie brand, La Senza, approached us for assistance value engineering an alternative to faux finished brick for their first ever U.S. located stores.  Our team of specialized artists and graphic designers did this by physically creating a faux finish brick wall, matching colors to genuine brick and paint colors selected by La Senza’s design team. Once completed, we scanned and digitally manipulated the images to create a photo-realistic repeating mural wallcovering, spanning over 20 feet wide.  At the same time, we worked in collaboration with La Senza to print their existing graphics in U.S. and Canadian based stores.

More of Apropos’ skilled faux finishing work can be seen in the photo featuring one of  La Senza’s US flagship store fronts.

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